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Commercial work

‘ Your presentation proved to be a true inspiration for our partners and our team and was a cornerstone in turning our event into a huge success. Your unconventional and authentic approach literally twisted our heads and sustainably changed our thinking about and perception of food. Please keep up the great work and come back soon! ’

Mario C. Bauer, CEO of Vapiano Franchising

Corporate industries realise more and more that they need creative thinking, innovation and unexpected solutions.

I work as a creative inspirator and consultant for food industries, supermarkets and hotel- and restaurant chains to spark new ideas, insights and opportunities within their field of expertise.

Projects vary from one day inspirational sessions to extensive creative development. After 17 years of experience I find myself surrounded with a broad professional network of creative talents that join me if necessary.

I have done this successfully for:

  • Virgin
  • Nestlé – Nescafe
  • Nestlé – Nido
  • Nestlé – Infant Nutrition
  • Nestlé – packaging and design
  • Albert Heijn NL
  • The Park Hotels India
  • Nando’s UK
  • Procter & Gamble Global
  • HSM- Host NL
  • Ogilvy
  • Selfridges, UK
  • Vapiano Global
  • Deutsche See (in collaboration with Feldmann& Schultchen)
  • ABSOLUT Vodka

and many more.

For any enquiries about content, costs and availability please contact studio@marijevogelzang.nl

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