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Studio Marije Vogelzang is a small scale studio located in the heart of old Dordrecht in the Netherlands. We have a broad network of freelancers to collaborate with so we are flexible to work on small- and bigger scale projects. Most (about 60 percent) of the projects we do are abroad. We work on regular basis with interns from design schools.

If you are interested in an internship please send your portfolio and motivation letter to: linde@marijevogelzang.nl

For press requests please send a mail to press@marijevogelzang.nl

For quotations, availability or other enquiries about our work please send a mail to studio@marijevogelzang.nl

Studio Marije Vogelzang

Hostraat 3

3311XH Dordrecht

The Netherlands

The best way to stay in touch with all activities, be updated with the latest news and to see the work in process is trough Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Or you can sign up for my EAT LOVE letter (on the left)

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