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‘Food cultures – eating by design’ (De etende mens) is the name of the exhibition I curated at the Designhuis in Eindhoven (NL)

Assigned by Premsela and co-curated by Koos Flinterman (for the Art section) we made a large exhibition about design-thinking applied to eating.

I aimed for the exhibition to be multi sensorial, open to a broad audience but with high quality work and with a very wide scope. The exhibition launched the 29th of June 2012 and is (due to success!) prolonged until January 2013.

After 12 years of working in the field of eating and design I was very happy to get the chance to show projects that I feel are linked to my philosophy. Not only from designers but also from farmers, politicians or mothers that apply design thinking to food.

The exhibition covers a very wide range of projects varying from plates painted with last meal requests from death-row delinquents, projects on urban honey, ‘In vitro meat’ (Lab-grown meat), Japanese sweets design, a pasta making workshop, an overview of the first 10 years of food design work of Marti Guixe, films inspired by anorexia and feederism (A relationship between two people where one feeds the other with the aim for the feedee to become immobile). Making this exhibition was a great joy and I’m extremely proud of the result!

Featured a.o. Arthur van Baalen, Honey&Bunney, Marti Guixe, Julie Green, LA Raeven, Marc Bretillot, Kamal Mouzawak, Featuring Amsterdam, Mediamatic, Jane Withers, Scholten en Baijings, Coen van Mechelen, Uli Westphal, ZLTO, James King.


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