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The world population is growing fast and we can’t maintain the way we are eating meat in the future anymore. In the west there is a big development going on with vegetarian substitutes (protein based products (soy) that look and taste like meat). What I don’t understand is that the meat substitutes always look like real meat. You can buy ‘balls’, ‘burgers’, ‘schnitzels’, ‘fillets’, ‘mince’ etc. But there is no reason to make a vegetarian sausage shape if you don’t have an intestine.

Eating ‘ham’ without the pig is like eating a soulless food.

So, if we have shapeless soy protein that you can use in any shape, why don’t we invent new animals? The fantasy animals I invented have a habitat, lifestyle and diet and these factors decide on the design and taste of the meat. for example, the Ponti lives in empty volcanoes and nibbles on the ashes of the volcano. Therefore the meat of the Ponti is delicately smoked. Also they need to make burrow in the firm magma layers. They use their stiff tails to do that. These stiff tails make the Ponti a perfect party snack because you can simply pick it up by the tail and keep your fingers clean. Every faked meat animal has certain qualities derived from their habitat and diet. The Herbast, for example needs to camouflage itself for predators. He grows herbs on him like fur and therefore the meat is naturally pre-seasoned.

Also the Herbast is square shaped, which is perfect for packaging, transport and provides for an even share at the dining table.


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