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Go slow cafe is a pop-up restaurant by Droog. Food is served by senior people. Together with Sloom for the interior, we developed the menu and directed the performance. This pop-up cafe has been running in Milan, Tokyo, Rotterdam, London and New York. all the food for this project is prepared by the seniors by hand at the table.  The oranges are pressed by hand, the cream gets whipped by hand, the nuts are cracked by hand etc. All this attention paid in the preparing, making and presenting of the food almost became a new ingredient, that was consequently consumed by the visitors.

At the New York version of the Go SLow cafe we introduced a new menu. A distance menu. A wooden board engraved with circles set the stage for a collection of ingredients that grew in a certain distance from Gorvenors Island where the pop up cafe was located. The further away the food came from, the smaller the portion size of the food.


exhibition, Experience, Food, Performance

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