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Cooking spoon for the ‘saved by droog’ Project in Milan April 2010

A few months ago droog has purchased 5135 items saved from liquidation sales and other leftovers

Every month about 500 companies in the Netherlands go bankrupt. Where do their products go? In the past several months droog has been bidding on liquidation auction items ranging from handkerchiefs to dog baskets. They acquired 5135 items—1 water cooler, 1 dining table, 2 bar stools, 4 metal trays, 6 wooden trays, 8 mirrors, 10 small bowl sets, 11 cups, 14 dog baskets, 20 dish towels, 40 glass vases, 50 safety vests, 60 sets of cutlery, 80 folding chairs, 90 flower pots, 100 candy pots, 102 wooden spoons, 168 plates of glass, 200 saltshakers, 448 wallets, 500 matchboxes, 720 cola glasses, and 2500 handkerchiefs.

(Text from the droog website.)

When Renny asked me to do something with one of these items my choice fell immediately on the spoons. Although, I have to say, I was tempted by the dog baskets..

Initially I thought designing something with these spoons would be a piece of cake. But for some reason it wasn’t easy. First of all, these spoons were a kind of b-choice lot. Varying in shape, size and wood. Eventually I covered the spoon with different layers of silicone in various textures. In this way it seems as if the spoons are covered with cake batter. I like the possibility of silicone to make a very textured surface and play with this idea. It gives the spoons a less slick appearance. Food itself is seldom slick.

Most of the design I make is, at least partly, made of food. This design is completely non-food. It might seem a big change but in fact, dealing with silicone has a lot of similarities with cooking. It’s all about consistency, adding the right amount of hardener etc.

All the nice pictures are by Stefanie Grätz



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