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Future archeologists have found a collection of PLANT BONES.

Apparently our successors eat plants with a meat-like structure and bones.

Are they highly evolved plants, a funghi variation, genetically engineerd animals to grow as plants, a nucleair intervention or something else?

What if plant-meat has bones?

These artifacts are similar to animal bones but are grown from vegetal cellulose.

The shape of the found objects look like plant leaves and a reconstruction proves that vegetal, meat like tissue grows around these bones.

Scientists are speculating to unravel the mystery and are investigating a series of possible scenarios to explain this botanic curiosity.

From a culinairy point of view, PLANT-BONES provide for an interesting vegan eating experience which could be already created in the present.

This speculative work is made to create a new line of narrative in the debate about the future of meat.


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