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RICE LIFE is an installation about food memories I designed for SEIBU, Tokyo.

RICE LIFE deals with the most basic things in life: food and stories. This installation engages the audience in an interactive rice-bag swap where the thing being shared is not only rice but, more important, stories and personal memories about rice. The participants buy a pack of rice and add their own personal story and energy to it. After that they take their bag into the installation made of an endless amount of hanging ribbons. You need to find your way trough the ribbons that touch your skin and make a multi-sensory experience. In the middle of the ribbon-installation is a tug-stall like setting where other-people’s bags of rice hang waiting for you. You take your own bag and connect it to one of the tug-stall strings. While doing so you see that your bag is connected to someone else’s bag. This bag is yours to take home. The bags are connected literally but so are you and the other person.

Now you own a bag of rice with someone else’s story and energy. As rice is a basic staple food we eat it often without thinking. When you cook the rice at home you might think of this other person. Perhaps it will make you experience the rice differently as the rice is now flavoured with story.

The rice itself is connected to a charity project.

Installation in collaboration with Robin van der Werff.

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