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The EGGCHANGE is a philosophical economic model.

It is an exchange office for fertilized eggs but also for thoughts about poultry farming and how the economy affects our lives. In the EGGCHANGE the fertilized egg is seen as investment. Upon opening an account you receive a fertilised egg. You can take the egg home and eat it but also hatch it. If you hatch it you’ll get a broiler chicken that can grow into meat. If you have a hen you can also keep your chicken to let it lay eggs. You may get a rooster. Together with a hen you can produce new chicks.

In this way you save your own natural capital. This capital grows by the attention and the time you spend on it. You can not accumulate capital without looking after it. The interest rate is determined by natural laws rather instead of market forces.

This project is a collaboration between intensive poultry farmer Twan Engelen and eating-designer Marije Vogelzang.

In the debate on livestock people often accuse each other while finding a moralistic answer. Consumers should have different buying habits, farmer have to change the system and the government has to pass better laws. We are opposing each other but what we do not see is that we are in the same economic system. We’re all in the same boat.

Perhaps we can look at the chain in a different way. By having fertilized eggs, hatching them, keeping chickens and slaughtering them, people literally take the ethical issue home. The chicken on your plate will have a completely different value.

Watching the video explains a lot. For a full look see here. This project is part of Foodlab Peel and Agri meets design.


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