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A child’s mouth is like a rich toolbox. With these razor sharp tools and some everyday kitchen tools they can attack carrots, raddish, tomatoes and sweet peppers. While making the bling-bling, lots of chewing and nibbling is going on. Psychological research states that children need to taste something 7 times before getting ajusted to a new flavour. Our model Juni (2,5) never liked carrots, but she did eat all her earrings! While playing with the vegetables, children make up new uses to decorate themselves and new stories come into being: ’I am an elf with elf-ears. So I need a magic wand!” And thus, a new wand is being nibbled. At the end of the story, all leftovers can be chopped and prepared with a simple dressing. To eat as a salad or in a sandwich with, for instance hot meatballs or falafel.


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