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Vision on food&design

“Eating design is to design from the verb ‘to eat’.”

Designers who work with the subject of food are often called ‘food designers’. According to Marije Vogelzang, food is already perfectly designed by nature. Instead, her designs focus around the verb ‘to eat’. Vogelzang is inspired by the origin of food and the preparation, etiquette, history and culture around it. For this reason, she doesn’t consider herself a ‘food designer’, but as the first ‘eating designer’ in The Netherlands.

“There is no material that comes as close to human beings as food.”

It is often thought that designers who work with food only design the shape of it. Vogelzang’s aim is to look at the content and background of the food as well; the shape is just a tool to tell a story.

“You put my designs inside your body.”

After 18 years of experience with food projects, Vogelzang has developed a set of seven areas that can be used to communicate the potential of connecting food & design. They can be used as a tool to inspire designers and creatives about food, to show people in the food world about the possibilities of creative thinking and to explain the discipline to a wider audience. Eating design is a uncultivated area with an endless amount of possibilities that might not be obvious at first glance.

“Food goes to the stomach, but it can also activate the brain and can rouse strong memories and emotions.”

The seven areas are:

– the senses

– nature

– culture

– society

– technique

– psychology

– science

Marije just initiated the Dutch Institute of Food&Design. The DIFD is a global platform for designers working on the subject of food. The DIFD is set out to make a network between designers working with food and eating on a global scale.
The initiative aims to connect designers to players in the food field and to promote the understanding and relevance of food connected to design and design connected to food.
The Dutch Institute of Food&Design has the mission to make this new field of design more visible and to maintain and develop the quality at a high level. The DIFD wants to educate and inform about the possibilities of food and design trough publications, interventions, exhibitions, tastings, lectures, awards and discussions. The initiative is in its startup phase.

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